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FAQ Central | Do You Need A College Degree To Be A Paralegal?

Do I need a Bachelors degree to be a paralegal? No, you do not need a Bachelors degree. There are a wide variety of ways to get your foot in the door to become a paralegal, and it’s not necessarily required that you have a Bachelors degree. You will, however, be expected to perform legal document preparation, legal research, you must have correct citation format. You must be able to perform legal analysis and legal writing, and you must have excellent time management skills. All of these things are covered thoroughly throughout both our paralegal certificate course, as well as our advanced paralegal program, so that even if you don’t have a Bachelors degree, you still end up getting the skills and training that you need in order to be a successful... Read more

5 Traits of a Highly Effective Paralegal | The Center for Legal Studies

With the crucial roles they play, paralegals are some of the most important employees in a law firm. It’s necessary that they possess traits and habits that drive up their productivity. If you aim to become an efficient and indispensable member of the workforce, here are some habits that you should develop. Ability to distinguish between personal and professional A highly effective paralegal knows it’s necessary to separate personal cellphones and laptops from professional communication gadgets. This is to reinforce the importance of confidentiality and to protect the firm’s security concerns. Ability of foresight A highly effective paralegal is always one step ahead through the use of foresight. This is why firms hire not just assistants with accuracy and deftness, but also those who are able to expect all scenarios possible. This foresight enables them to come up with solutions to problems that others are only just about to analyze. Extensive knowledge in technology The spread of the Internet and computers is changing the way the law practice is done. A highly effective paralegal has a handle on the different uses of these technologies. It doesn’t stop at basic uses, but includes skills on software programs that speed up their tasks, including organizing and remote conferencing. Ability to admit mistakes Because of the major repercussions, it’s tempting for many assistants to hide errors from their boss. This concealed information has the power to put the lawyers and clients in danger, all because of one perfectionist assistant. A perfectionist paralegal is different from an effective paralegal. The latter is able to own up to his or her own mistakes. This ability to accept faults and reveal them can prevent the worsening of a problem and avoid errors in the future. Ability to stay curious and inquisitive Even with the amount of skills they have now, highly effective paralegals remain hungry for knowledge and education. By continuously attending seminars and enriching their... Read more

Does It Take a Ling Time to Get a Paralegal Certificate From CLS?

Our paralegal certificate course can be completed in as little as six weeks for the live lecture format, fourteen weeks for the online format or up to a year for students taking DVD or print based formats. We offer many different formats to accommodate student’s schedules. The live course is typically completed in as little as six weekends. Courses are usually offered Saturday’s and Sunday’s from 9am to 5pm for six weeks. We also have other schedules that are Saturday’s only for twelve weeks or possibly Monday, Wednesday evening and Saturday’s for six weeks. There’s also Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday type schedules. You can search our course schedule online at to find a live lecture course offered in your area. The online course is fourteen weeks long and is completed in two seven week online sessions. There is a one week break between the sessions. We offer six online sessions every year and students can begin any course during any online session. Assignments are due once a week and students may log into the course at their convenience. Students who might need a little bit more flexibility would want to consider the DVD or print based formats. DVD and print based formats of the course can be started at any time and students have one calendar year to complete the... Read more

What Does a Legal Nursing Consultant Do?

The scope of nurse consulting encompasses most of the activities of the full-scale law firm. The legal nurse consultant is usually a licensed registered nurse or physician’s assistant who performs a critical analysis of healthcare facts and issues, and their outcomes for the legal professional. For more information about online or live paralegal training, paralegal certifications, or our other training courses for the legal support field, give us a call at 1 (800)... Read more

Paralegal Certification vs. Certificate | The Center for Legal Studies

Some think that a certificated paralegal is the same as a certified paralegal, and often confuse this when applying for a position in a firm or corporation. What does it mean to have certification or be certificated, and earn a certificate and be certified? Paralegal Certificate The American Bar Association aims to distinguish a paralegal certificate and certification, as these have separate meanings and are not interchangeable. A certificate verifies that a student has successfully completed a paralegal educational program. Paralegal programs are generally offered in universities and colleges approved by the ABA. These are also conveniently available online. Usually, these programs require a student to be a graduate of an associate or bachelor’s degree in another field of study before enrolling. At The Center for Legal Studies, however, some courses only require a high school diploma or GED. After completing the program, the student becomes certificated in paralegal studies and issued Certificates of Completion. Certification Certification is the process where an organization grants formal recognition to someone who meets the criteria. There really is no need to acquire a license or registration for paralegals since they are working under the supervision of a licensed attorney who assumes full responsibility for the work output. A paralegal certification has become almost mandatory these days in many states. There are two nationally recognized certification programs that administer examinations for paralegal certification. The National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) administers exams for Certified Legal Assistant (CLA). The National Federal of Paralegal Associations (NFPA) provides an exam called for paralegal Advanced Competency Exam that leads to PACE – Registered Paralegal or RP. Talk to us for more information about paralegal studies and our wide range of paralegal courses. You can also browse the website for more resources regarding paralegal courses and career... Read more
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