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How Can Someone Become a Victim Advocate? What does that Entail?

In the following video, Attorney Karen Geiger explains the process for becoming a victim advocate, including certificate and education concentrations that deal with victim advocacy. She also discusses what that means for aspiring paralegals who share an interest in the specialized field. Interested in pursuing a concentration in paralegal victim advocacy? We can help! Contact us to learn about our accredited paralegal courses and start your journey... Read more

How Do You Stay in Demand as a Paralegal Throughout Your Profession?

Paralegals should always keep up with their education because times change, but there’s offered out there classes in paralegal studies while you’re in school. If you have completed the basic paralegal and you get into a law firm that does an area of law that you’re interested in but you don’t have much knowledge, you might want to take an updated course, or we offer courses that are specialized and you could perhaps take a criminal law course if you’re doing criminal law, or family law if you’re in a family law firm, and learn more about it. That’s one good way to learn about it. Also, a lot of the universities offer continuing legal education and once you’re a paralegal, they’ll start sending you forms. Your law firm might give you forms to fill out to take courses, updated courses. The laws change constantly and every year that I know of, there’s updates. They have the updates, and paralegals and lawyers and legal secretaries all go to the classes because you want to have knowledge and you want to learn about it when the law changes, especially in the last couple of years, the laws have changed so much. The criminal laws have changed as far as marijuana and medical marijuana and the penalties. Family law has changed because of civil unions and same-sex divorces now. It’s really gotten complicated and it’s good for paralegals to get updated.... Read more

How Can Paralegals Shape or Influence the Operations of a Law Firm?

Listen as Karen Geiger explains how paralegals can shape and influence the internal operations of a law firm. She discusses the importance of being organized, and how that organization influences internal case handling processes. Ready to start a profession in the legal industry? Our nationally recognized and accredited paralegal certificate program will get you started fast! Call us... Read more

Why is Legal Research Critical to the Legal Process?

Why is legal research important? Legal research is important to every law office no matter what kind of practice it is because you have to be able to find cases, you need to be able to find the laws, you need to be able to find the rules so that you can do your job. A paralegal who can do legal research really well is very valuable to a law firm. If you get a case and you need to find out what other cases have there been that are like this? What are the laws in this case? What happens if this happens, or what happens if that happens? You need to be able to resolve that, and one way that you’re able to do that is if you know how to do legal research. If you have a car accident case, you can go on the internet, or you can go to the law library, and you can find other cases that are similar to yours, and find out what the courts did in that case. What happened in this case? How can I find out what to do? What if I want the judge to rule in my favor? Then I can go to the legal research and I can find cases that are similar to mine, and then I can present them to the court and say, “Your honor, last time this happened in Colorado, this is what the court did, and this is how I would like for you to decide my case.” Legal research also can be used to find out the rules. What are you supposed to do? When do I have to file the complaint? Who can serve it? How can I get this person served if I don’t know where they are? There’s rules about publishing to the summons in the newspapers, so you can serve somebody by publication. There’s... Read more

What are Some Common Interview Questions a Newly Certified Paralegal Will Face?

A newly certified paralegal will face a litany of questions post-certification during a job interview. This is done so that law firms and prospective employers have a sense of the general knowledge of the paralegal and to gauge what level of value a paralegal will bring to their company. Watch as Karen Geiger explains some of the common interview questions she’s seen newly certified paralegals face. Interested in pursuing a career in paralegal studies? We can help! Contact us to learn about our accredited paralegal courses and start your journey... Read more
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