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What Does the Legal Investigation Certificate Course at CLS Cover?

What is the Legal Investigation Certificate Course at The Center for Legal Studies? The Legal Investigation Certificate Course is a really good course. It talks about being a legal investigator. A legal investigator is somebody who, generally, works for a law firm, or they use legal investigators at the district attorney’s office or at the police department. Your job is to investigate your kind of case. If you’re in a criminal matter, you might go to the crime scene, you might talk to witnesses, interview people, find out what evidence there is, look at the evidence, determine if it needs to be further tested or if it needs to be turned over to the supervising attorney or the district attorney. Different things like that. In a divorce case, you might be asked to do some surveillance work. You might be asked to go and interview witnesses if you’re doing a divorce, and your client has said, “Well I’d like for you to talk to my mother. She knows I’m a good mother and that I do what I’m supposed to do when I have my kids.” The legal investigator would go over there, talk to them, talk to the mother, and then they write a report and submit it to whoever is their supervisor. The course here teaches you how to do that. It teaches you what are good investigated points, what would you do if you had this kind of a case, what would you look for. It teaches you how to find investigative points, what are the best things to look for, what kinds of things do paralegals handle, and you find that out just from going through the case. It’s a good course as far as gives you general knowledge about all different kinds of cases, not just one particular area of the law. Then you could find out if you wanted to be a legal... Read more

How Does a Paralegal Aid in the Discovery Stage of a Case?

Paralegals fulfill a supporting role to attorneys by conducting some of the necessary interviews with key parties, taking notes during the discovery process, and by conducting important legal research. Listen as Attorney Karen Geiser explains what other roles paralegals play in the legal process: Interested in pursuing a career in paralegal studies? We can help! Contact us to learn about our accredited paralegal courses and start your journey... Read more

What Methods of Organization Do You See Paralegals Employ?

Paralegals use all different kinds of ways to organize documents. One thing they can do is put them into a notebook, and you might organize them from the beginning of the case to the end of the case in a notebook all organized with tabs, that tell the attorney exactly where everything can be located.Another way a paralegal might organize documents is with file folders. You might have to sort through several documents and then figure out which file they go into. Then, when you’re done, you hand the file over to the attorney, and then they have it all organized so they can figure out where everything is. Another way that you might organize documents is on the computer. You might want to make up files under your client’s name, and then in each file you put different things. You have one that’s called ‘correspondence,’ one that’s called ‘evidence,’ one that’s called ‘discovery.’ You might have one called ‘pleadings.’ Then they’re all filed away, and they’re readily accessible. The most important thing to organizing documents is they have to be accessible. You have to be able to find what you’re looking for, and find it quickly. A lot of times, attorneys like a section that’s called ‘law,’ so you would put all the case law in there that you find, any cases that are similar to yours, or you might put the roles in there. Then the attorney can have ready access to it. A lot of times, when you go to court, you don’t have a lot of time to find things. You have to think on your feet, you have to look quickly, and it’s very nice to have the documents organized, so you can quickly go to whatever page you want, and usually with the use of tabs in a notebook or with files folders inside of a box, you can quickly find what you’re looking... Read more

How Can You Best Position Yourself To a Law Firm After Graduation?

In this video, Attorney Karen Geiger goes over the methods to position yourself as a top paralegal candidate after graduating. She’ll explain the things to be aware of and how you can position yourself as an invaluable component to your aspiring firm. She also discusses the importance of resumes and cover letters. Ready to start on a path in the legal industry? Our nationally recognized and accredited paralegal certificate program will get you started fast! Call us... Read more

What Other Certifications or Specialty Tracks are Available to Paralegals through CLS?

Besides the paralegal certificate, what other certificates are offered at the Center for Legal Studies? For one, they’re all interesting. Some of the courses that are offered are family law, so you can learn about working in a family law office, and what paralegals do in family law. There is also victim advocacy, which is really popular right now. Victim advocates are used in every police department, district attorney’s office, they help people who have been victims of crimes. They usually go to the crime scene, they hook up with the victim, and they stay with them throughout the entire process, which is a really interesting area of the law. Victim advocates are also trained one how you connect with the people. It’s in our certificate course. It tells you when you first get there what you’re supposed to do, how to investigate, how to take notes, and figure out what you’re supposed to do, it tells you everything that you need to know to help people through the process. Then there’s other courses that are available. There’s an estate planning course. It tells you how to do wills, trusts, and estates. Most of the time you’ll be working under the supervision of an attorney, but you’ll be able to draft the documents, you’ll be able to figure out what assets need to be protected in a trust, there’s examples of how it’s done, and when you’re done, you can go and work in a law firm where they do wills, trusts, and estates. There is also a nursing program that you can learn how to use nursing. There’s also alternative dispute resolution, which is a really good one, and people are very interested in that at this time. It’s about mediation, and arbitration, and learning what things are done, and all the different kinds of alternative dispute resolution. There’s paralegals are used in that, that they help the attorney... Read more
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